How To Store Your Cannabis

So, you bought some cannabis and you are wondering how you can keep your cannabis product fresh for as long as possible. With the increase in production of products by cannabis companies, packaging is not always the best for maintaining the freshness of the product long-term.

We can help with this with a few simple tips and tricks on how to store your cannabis properly.

Don’t Let The Flower Get Dry

Cannabis can start losing its moisture as soon as the plant is cut. Once the water leaves, the cannabinoid and terpene, which contain oils, dry up and crumble. When this happens it loses its potency…and no one wants that! But you can control this process by giving your cannabis product a little TLC in the form of glass containers and a humidity boost pack (a salt-based control sachet. You can purchase Bovida packs.)! Opaque glass and a humidity boost pack are the simplest ways to extend the shelf life.

Here are a few other tips to extend the shelf life of your cannabis product:

  • Unless your cannabis is in a vacuum-sealed container, keep your product out of the fridge and freezer!
  • When you open the container, pull out your flower and immediately close the package. Don’t let it sit open.
  • Prolonged exposure to light and air can lead the product to losing its potency. So choose a dark place to store it.
  • Mason jars will not protect your product the way an opaque container will. Brown glass is best!
  • Keep your cannabis product out of cigar boxes and plastic bags. These are not  optimal storage solutions.

If you have any other questions about storing cannabis products, visit us in-store and speak to one of our budtenders!